My Choir Essentials training program teaches you to get more members, get a professional choir sound, and quickly solve the most common difficult situations we all face with choir directing…but first, let me ask you a few questions:

Are you struggling with:

  • Lack of members that affect the quality of music
  • Current members are decent singers but several voices 'stick out' and there's no blend
  • Choir members are unwilling to try new songs or parts

Are you trying to:

  • Recruit more choir members

  • Motivate your choir members

  • Get your choir to sound professional

If you answered YES to any of these points, then I have something important to tell you… You’re NOT alone.  Actually, that list of questions was created from many years of personal experience and from DECIDING TO LEARN about this area for myself.

Several years ago, I was under a lot of stress because I didn't know how to recruit choir members or how to make my choirs sound well blended, on pitch, and in tune.  I wanted to help them improve and I looked for answers in all of the usual places: conferences, magazines, and even YouTube.  Even though I found some new information, I didn't have the right tools and techniques to get my choirs sounding great.

Then, I began studying a very successful choir director.  He had several hundred members in his choirs!   I noticed he was doing things that were never mentioned at conferences or in the magazines and he was recruiting 10x the members I ever could AND getting them to sing in tune with a well blended sound (in harmony).

The bottom line is… NOT knowing how to grow a choir and get them sounding great feels bad.  It's embarrassing.  It leaves you feeling like you have no power and you think “is it me?” and “am I good enough to do this?”

And on the other hand… KNOWING how to build an awesome choir feels GOOD.  It feels good to get more members in the door… and it feels good to teach them how to sing well together… and it feels good to have people telling you "I love your music program" and "the choir sounds better than ever"… It just feels good knowing how to get a choir sounding good.  And most important of all, it's WORTH LEARNING.

The reality is: it's not your fault.  Unfortunately, the publishers try to sell us "easy music to get your choir sounding good" BUT their primary goal is to make $$$ through their publications.  They say that their music will make your choir sound good.  Sadly, not true.  That's like saying this piano will make you play betterThe key is to find good music and learn how to teach it well.

There simply isn't a good, affordable education system that can teach the essential skills we need to be successful and feel great about our music program, until now....

Learn the secrets to:

  • Double Your Choir or Grow From Scratch
  • Instantly Fix Pitch/Rhythm/Vocal Blend
  • Teach Any Harmony (4 part SATB)
  • Build A Youth Choir Program
  • And Much More...

What You Get:

I thought long and hard about how much I should sell this program for.  I really want to create as many success stories as possible.  So, you're not going to pay as much as that one conference you might attend and may get a couple useful pointers at $2,000.  You won't even pay $1,000 or even $500.  My program will provide an invaluable return for a modest investment.

Sign up today and try the Choir Essentials Pro Program for just one easy payment of $97.

Why only $97?  I want you to have a thriving church or school music program.  I want you to have extra time to be creative and have your choir sound amazing, without a huge hassle.  I want you to be able to have more time for your family.  If I could go back in time to when I didn't know these methods, I would pay thousands for this information because it saves so much stress and time.

Learn the secrets to:

  • Double Your Choir or Grow From Scratch
  • Instantly Fix Pitch/Rhythm/Vocal Blend
  • Teach Any Harmony (4 part SATB)
  • Build A Youth Choir Program
  • Low Price Of $97

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What You Get:

  • 6 Core Training Videos
  • Crucial Step by Step Methods
  • Review Slides for quick review
  • Tips and Tricks - You now have access to EVERYTHING!
  • 3 BONUS Videos (see below)

The bottom line is: I want to help people build their choir programs.  There is a method for finding new members, teaching 4 part harmonies and running a successful music program at your church or school; and I want to share this method with you.  I don't want anything to stand in the way of helping you achieve your goals.

I'm going to be completely honest with you.  My system isn't a magic pill.  It's not going to work for everybody at all times.  Sometimes you use the system in a church where there are more people in the choir than in the pews and it won't work.  But, these Choir Essentials have worked wonders for me and I've been able to quickly build several choir programs that sound great.

But I can tell you this, if you don't make your money back several times over, or if you aren't thrilled with this resource for any reason, i'll give you a full refund if you ask within 30 days.  No questions asked.  This program isn't for someone who likes to buy courses like this and let them gather dust on the shelf.  It's important to me that you're not someone who rather talk about improving your program than actually doing it.

By the way, if you sign up for Choir Essentials Pro today, you'll also receive my BONUS MATERIAL section where I've included several training videos that are geared towards saving you massive amounts of time and energy.

Any person listening to a choir can instantly detect issues with rhythm, pitch, and vocal blend.  They may not know what is wrong, but they can tell something is off.  An experienced choir director can fix these issues in seconds...  And, most of them use the same basic tools.  When you first see a professional choral director make these adjustments, it's like watching magic happen before your eyes.  In this session, I'm going to teach you the fastest and best ways to instantly fix issues with rhythm, pitch and vocal blend.

Did you know that Music Ministers ranked #5 in Stressful Jobs That Pay Badly (article on CNN Money).  Ouch.  What that says is that most churches are putting a lot of stress on their choir directors.  However, there are some that seem to have an easier time balancing the many hats we have to wear.  In this session, you will learn how to save hours of your valuable time when working with choir programs.

Every school and church "choir teacher" has their go-to songs that they know will win.  Here are 5 of my selections that will give you the fastest harmonies and be the easiest for your choir to learn.  These are great for beginner and intermediate choirs that can sing 2-3 parts (but not usually 4+ parts).  You can do some of these songs with just a few people and they will sound good.

I want you to ask yourself, what would it do for you if you could have the tools, the techniques and the know-how to build a great choir and get them sounding incredible?

What would it be worth to you if you knew that you earned the respect from members of your church or school because of your successful music program?

Imagine you invest in this program and three weeks from now you show up to choir practice and....

  • you realize you need more chairs because you got new members
  • the choir members are bubbling with energy and new life
  • you start rehearsal and within minutes teach your choir a new song with 4 parts.  They sound amazing.

You think about where you were just three weeks ago, and where your choir will be one month from now, and one year from now.

You can make the choice not to go in this direction, but your choir will sound the same next year and the year after.  You will continue looking for "easy choir music" in all the same places... or maybe you will read a magazine article but you and I both know that it's not the magazine that will improve your program, it's the skills and techniques that you bring to the table.

Now is the time to TAKE ACTION and improve your choir ... investing in my Choir Essentials program is the best way to do it.

Your Friend,

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About Michael Carney:  I've been involved in church choral music for nearly 20 years.  I was a middle school chorus teacher for 5 years and grew the program from a few singers to 70% of the school (almost 200 singers!).  I took what I learned from that experience and applied it to a new choir director position, where we grew the program from 0 members to 40+ members in very little time.  My techniques have had so much success, I am now incorporating instruments.  I have a Masters of Music Degree in Conducting and I am currently pursuing a D.M.A. in Conducting.  Let me help you with the Choir Essentials Program to get you what you need to grow and improve your church or school choir program.