Choir Essentials Video Training Program

Every choir director will tell you that they paid dearly for some of their greatest lessons.  They will also say they had to learn the hard way over the course of many years.

With the Choir Essentials program, you don't have to go through the same pain and headache.  In this video product, i've pack years of experience into the most concise and powerful lessons about being a choir director.  Here is a taste of the video modules in the Choir Essentials program:

Choir Grow Kit: Double Your Choir or Recruit From Scratch method

Magic Fixes: for a choir's rhythm, pitch, and blend

Teach Any Harmony: A Step by Step method to get that SATB sound

Shepherd Them, O God: Working with timid, opinionated, judgemental, and overly energetic people

Brownie Points: 8 things you can do that every choir member loves

And much more...

This program will be coming in early 2019!
Stay tuned for release date info.