What you'll get:

Proven Strategies

10 of the best ways to increase community singing.  Proven to begin working instantly with any congregation at any time.

Best Practices

For every tip, I will give you the "best practices" that music directors use to guarantee the congregation will sing louder.

2019 Planning Guide

This guide is completely set up with gospel summaries, themes, important dates, and everything you need to plan in 2019.

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Ready to get your congregation singing like they never have before?

Then download this free training now.  In this action packed video guide you will discover:

  • The most effective ways to massively improve congregational singing right away
  • Detailed guidelines that tell you exactly what to do (and how much to do it)
  • A proven framework for instantly improving your effectiveness as a music minister

Download the plan now and receive a 2019 Music Planning Guide for free (10$ value).  This Planning Guide will help you to organize your music selections and it can be shared with your cantors, musicians, and choir members.